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Merz b. Schwanen, The Bear, and The Brand's Future

We have covered the nice folks from Merz b. Schwanen in a previous post. However, this time we wanted to focus on different topics, such as the recent partnership that drew a lot of attention to the brand.

Unless you live off the grid, there is a good chance you have heard of the hit TV show "The Bear." The episodes are very fast-paced and intense, which is quite the opposite vibe you get from a clothing company reviving traditional textile craftsmanship in Germany. However, this unlikely combo works really well, as the show's main character, Carmen, makes the 215 t-shirt from Merz feel like an extension of him.

In this conversation, we talk about that and other collaborations, the anti-fast fashion movement, and how to look good wearing their clothes (even if you are not as strong as Jeremy Allen White).

1. Merz's focus on quality and durability seems to be the antithesis of fast fashion. Do you feel a growing movement of people embracing this philosophy of having fewer but better products?

Absolutely, there is a noticeable shift towards valuing quality over quantity. Consumers are increasingly aware of the environmental and ethical implications of fast fashion and are seeking out brands that prioritise durability and sustainability. Our commitment to producing high-quality, long-lasting garments aligns perfectly with this growing movement. We see our customers making more conscious decisions about their purchases, opting for timeless pieces that offer both style and longevity.

Merzb b. Schwanen Loopwheeler Production
Merzb b. Schwanen Loopwheelers

2. What was the impact of the viral exposure the brand had after "The Bear" started?

The viral exposure from "The Bear" has significantly amplified our brand's visibility, awareness and reach. We have experienced a substantial increase in both website traffic and sales, particularly for the pieces featured in the show. Even though, the exposure has increased the sales for the whole store as a whole. This kind of organic promotion has introduced Merz b. Schwanen to a broader audience, many of whom appreciate our commitment to quality and timeless design. The buzz created by Jeremy Allen White's character wearing our 215 t-shirt has been incredibly positive, affirming the appeal of our products in everyday settings as well as on screen.

3. Have you pursued partnerships in the entertainment industry before? Do you plan to do so moving forward?

Merz b. Schwanen clothing has been featured in several films and TV shows, including:

- "The Bear" (2022): Jeremy Allen White wears the 215 loopwheeled T-shirt.

- "Aquaman" (2018): Jason Momoa in the 102 original henley.

- "Peaky Blinders" (2013): Cillian Murphy in the 103 original henley.

- "Wonder Wheel" (2017): Justin Timberlake in the 1950s classic crew neck T-shirt.

- "The Last Vermeer" (2019): Claes Bang in the 206 classic henley.

Jeremy Allen White making us all look bad
Jeremy Allen White making us all look bad

4. Does the brand spend on advertising, or do all efforts go toward content production?

At Merz b. Schwanen, we strike a balance between advertising and organic growth. While we do invest in traditional advertising channels to maintain brand awareness, a significant portion of our efforts is dedicated to creating meaningful content that resonates with our audience. This includes storytelling around our products, their craftsmanship, and the values that drive our brand. We find that engaging organic content often has a more lasting impact and fosters a deeper connection with our customers.

5. Jeremy Allen White's character looks great on the 215 t-shirt. Which Merz products do you recommend for folks like me who aren't as buff as him?

Jeremy Allen White indeed looks fantastic in the 215 t-shirt, but rest assured, our collection has something for everyone. For those who prefer a more classic fit, we recommend our 1950s-inspired loopwheeled tees and sweatshirts. These pieces offer a classic, comfortable style that complements all body types. Additionally, our henley shirts and long-sleeves provide a versatile and flattering option for layering throughout the year. Our focus is always on ensuring every customer feels confident and comfortable in our garments.


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