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Another 5 Canadian Watch Brands You Should Know About

Updated: Apr 25, 2023

While we wait for a new movie from Ryan Reynolds we might as well keep digging for more interesting Canadian watch brands to cover.

As I mentioned in the previous post, a brand's inclusion on this list doesn't mean it is being recommended by me. While they seem to offer interesting and well made products, I didn't have a chance to handle all of them. It is also important to highlight that I avoid promoting companies that focus too much on homages because, well, if you want that you can go to AliExpress and take your pick.

Deadpool Watch
Even Deadpool wears a watch

1. VanBanner

This Vancouver brand offers three models (one is currently sold out), all of them quite unique and colorful. The company doesn't seem to cut corners in the construction, which makes their prices even more appealing. I personally like the PM 2.0 line, even though it is not as slim as I would like at 14mm including the crystal.

2. Héron

The brand has a pretty good website for a small company, where you can find a few tasteful variations of their first model - the Gladiateur. My favorite is the white dial on a bracelet, which has the looks and specs of a solid everyday watch. However, with a simple Miyota 9039 movement, the price might look a bit steep if you don't love the design.

3. Zenea

Toronto based Zenea launched its first watch in 2020. Currently, they offer five versions of the Ula Diver model, each with a different dial. Their straightforward look probably won't blow your mind, but the specs have Swiss from movement to lume. Is it worth what they are charging? Well, there are many options from other brands to choose from in their price range, so all I can say is that they are worth considering.

4. York & Front Watch Co.

This company was created in 2017 by a couple of friends from Toronto. In 2021 they released the Burrard Series 001, a no-nonsense do it all watch. You can see from the product description that they know what they are doing and that a lot of thought was placed into each detail, which is something I respect. The basic look might not be for everyone, but it is worth keeping them on your radar.

5. Locke & King

Locke & King was created in Hamilton, Ontario, back in 2020. Since then, they have released a couple of vintage looking dress watches, but only the Ossington model is available at the moment. I personally think the watch would look better if it was a bit smaller, but 40mm is not prohibitive. Finally, you will have to pay what I call "the microbrand premium" to get one, but at least they give away a percentage of their revenues to a charity.

Curious Bonus


This brand from Alberta charges more than I'm willing to pay for a watch. However, they are worth mentioning because of their unique proposal. Each watch they produce is made using repurposed materials, such as a 108 year old trolley track.

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