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5 Questions for VanBanner Watches

Updated: Jul 16

Watchers! Today we are having a quick chat with LV, the founder of VanBanner Watches. This brand from Vancouver has some very unique designs available, with more to come soon.

The PM 2.0
The PM 2.0

1. What inspired you to start designing and creating watches?

Two brands, Halios and HELM. Also being a Vancouver microbrand, Halios is really encouraging. I was really impressed by the lume of HELM's Khuraburi. That is why my watches have impressive lume too.

2. What sets your watch brand apart from others in the industry?

It is unique. I use as few existing parts as possible. I have to use existing parts like movements and clasps. All other parts like cases, handsets, bracelets, and even fonts are custom made or designed. You will not see the same design on other brands. Actually, my prices are very good too because I am selling my watches at cost. Some people still compare my prices to AliExpress!

3. How do you select the materials you typically use in your watches?

So far, I only use stainless steel in our cases. And I will avoid plastic parts. For example, the movement holders are often plastic, but I insist on using metal movement holders.

4. What are the current quality standards of the watches you produce?

I always ask my manufacturers for the best quality. And I am trying new manufacturers all the time. I am looking for the best craftsmanship. The quality of Halios is my goal.

5. What are your future plans for the brand, and what new watch designs can we expect to see in the coming months or years?

I have a NH34 GMT model coming soon. Right now, I have three lines: Parkingmaster (PM), AO, and LEA. After the GMT model, I will likely make a PM 3.0.


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