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5 Questions to Paul Vincent, founder of S.E.H Kelly

The short story is that Sara Kelly and Paul Vincent, two people with a lot of experience in the world of high-quality menswear, decided to found a company to produce carefully crafted garments using suppliers from the British Isles.

However, this short summary doesn't do justice to their project. The brand they created in 2009, S.E.H. Kelly, has incredibly high standards from the fabric selection to the button details. Their unique clothes are made to last and represent the level of care and respect that we are constantly looking for in this blog.

We had a chance to ask a few questions to Paul,

Crewneck geelong lambswool admiral dark blue

1. Most people only focus on price when they buy clothes. What made the founders believe there was a large enough market interested in high-quality carefully built options?

We believe that, in addition to price, consumers also consider the perceived quality of the brand itself and how those qualities align with their own preferences and product expectations. We strive to create garments of the utmost quality, utilising high-quality locally sourced materials and presenting them in a clear, honest, and intelligent manner to explain what goes into them and why. We identified an absence of such an approach in the market and were confident that we could find a niche large enough to make our venture successful.

2. Which specific factors do you believe have contributed to the brand's success in catering to such a demanding niche audience?

Our goal is to meet the desires of our customers: offering items with high-quality designs, made to the highest reasonable standard, and offered at a price that eliminates middlemen markups. We also strongly adhere to the traditions of classic British menswear and emphasise the best practices in the industry over the past half-century. We are fortunate to find like-minded individuals who share a passion for such products.

3. How do you differentiate your clothing items from those offered by other brands in terms of quality, design, and overall appeal?

We have no interest in imitating other brands; our focus is singular, and we strive to develop our ideas in a self-contained manner, away from the influence of what other companies may consider best. This allows us to be original and offer products that stand out from the rest. While we acknowledge that we are not entirely isolated from cultural influences, market forces, and trends, we aim to forge our own path, believing it will set us apart in the long run.

Balmacaan in Donegal tweed in loch blue
Balmacaan in Donegal tweed in loch blue

4. Which marketing and media strategies do you currently use to communicate the value and benefits of your products to potential customers?

We do not rely on traditional marketing or media strategies. Instead, we present our products on our website in a way that entices people to make a purchase. Our hope is that when customers receive their orders, they will be pleasantly surprised and delighted, leading them to (a) become repeat customers and (b) spread the word about our brand to their friends.

5. Which steps are taken by the brand to understand the ever-changing preferences and demands of your audience and consistently deliver products that meet their expectations?

Again, we emphasise our commitment to following our own direction. While we maintain an ongoing dialogue with our customers, who often provide their own ideas and suggestions, we remain steadfast and unchanging in our approach. Even as fashion trends, preferences, and broader culture shift, we stay true to our design principles and unwavering dedication to quality.


When asked about the future of the brand, Paul said that their intention is to continue doing what they have been doing successfully.

Why make changes to a winning team, right?

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